Beyond Dog Walking in Bend

Bendites love spending weekends with their canine friends. But what happens to Fido when Monday rolls around and their human friend goes back to work? TOTAL BOREDOM. Sure a little walk around the block after work is nice, but think about going beyond dog walking. Dog Walkers in Bend, Oregon are a dime a dozen, but you can go beyond dog walking and treat Fido to an off-leash adventure during the day with DOGS GONE WILD!



Off-Leash Adventure Camps for Dogs

DOGS GONE WILD! goes beyond the neighborhood dog walk with their off-leash DOG ADVENTURE CAMPS. These camps are designed to treat your dog to off-leash running and playing with other canines while you are at work. It’s more than your average doggy daycare!
Weekends are spent hiking, biking & even paddling with our canine friends. We love to spend time with them, and they love to be outdoors with us. It’s Fantastic!
Our dogs love being out on the trails with us! It's so much better than dog walking.
Our dogs are a bit bored during the day.
But what happens when the weekend is over and we go back to work? These days, most of our dogs spend their days at home alone. Often they’re bored and lonely.
Signs of DOG BOREDOM include:

Destructive Behavior

Chewing furniture, getting into things & digging.

Attention Seeking

Demand barking, tail chasing & biting


Showing little to no interest in anything or whining


Too much licking & chewing


We offer an alternative to weekly dog boredom with Off Leash Adventure Tours for your canine companion while you are at work. Dog walking in Bend is nice, but enjoying the great outdoors OFF LEASH is the BEST!

SERVICES: Day Camp Adventures & Dog Sitting

Adventure Camp: 90-minute outings that are high energy and moderate-to-fast-paced. This dog walking experience offer a variety of obstacle including elevation changes and varied terrain for a real doggy workout. Perfect for young, athletic breeds and high strung dogs that need lots of stimulation. Pick-up & drop-off included.

90 min, $35. Each additional dog, $20

Senior Camp: 60 minutes outings that are designed for older, less playful and energetic dogs. Slow paced, relaxed dog walking experience that’s perfect for older dogs or dogs on weight management. Pickup & drop-off included.

60 minutes, $25. Each additional dog, $15

Solo Camps: Does your dog prefer to adventure out on his or her own? We understand and provide private outtings just for that reason!

60 minutes, $35. Each additional dog, $20. 

90 min, $50. Each additional dog, $20

Overnight Care and Boarding: Overnight Care and Boarding provides a safe and loving home for your dog while you’re away. They will be part of our family and join us, if OK, on all hikes. Lots of toys, balls, and fun available. Doggie pools and sprinklers available when weather permits.
$60 per night (camps included), additional dog $30 

At DOGS GONE WILD!, we take safety seriously. Dogs are screened to make sure they are a good fit for our camps. We talk to the owners to learn about each dog’s personality, and put them through a rigorous evaluation to determine if they are a flight risk or have aggression issues with other dogs. When on a Beyond Dog Walking adventure, GPS tracking devices are worn by new dogs in camp and dogs are crated in a van while being transported to and from our camps.
Dog Walking Bend Oregon - this is better!
Charlotte is originally from Germany and moved to Bend for the outdoor activity, beautiful scenery and slower pace. Her passion is to keep dogs happy and healthy by providing off leash adventures in beautiful Central Oregon. This passion started to bloom at the young age of 10 when she enjoyed walking dogs in her neighborhood. She has always loved animals and feels a special connection to them. Charlotte is also an equestrian, and worked with horses for many years. Her love of animals and the outdoors lead her to hiking with dogs. A neighbor couldn’t help but notice how Charlotte took her dogs out for exercise every day. It didn’t take long for the neighbor to ask if she could hire Charlotte to take her dogs along too. Enthusiastically, Charlotte said “yes!” and that was the beginning of DOGS GONE WILD! Helping owners get their stay-at-home dogs out of the house during the week is Charlotte’s passion and she lives by her motto: “No Dog Left Inside Because a Tired Dog is a Happy Dog”. In 2000, Charlotte graduated from a 3-year apprenticeship to become an Animal Caretaker and is currently certified to provide therapeutic and sports massage for canines. Her love of dogs especially shows through in her interactions with her canine companions during her adventure tours. Going beyond dog walking by guiding dogs on off leash adventures leaves Charlotte and her canine companions loving Central Oregon and feeling tired in the evenings!

Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in DOGS GONE WILD! Charlotte can be reached by EMAIL: and by PHONE: (541) 350-0301.